Twitter Spilled the Beans


… & I don’t mean on presidential candidates’ wives. No, friends, for the past month or so, a bunch of writers played a huge cyber-game of tag with the hastag #DescribeYourWIPinThreeWords (WIP = work-in-progress).

I got drawn in by my beloved co-conspirator, Madelyn Rosenberg:

I’ve had a peek at Mad’s “Friends Save Future” middle grade novel, and it’s funny and thrilling and really quite lovely. I responded, of course, even though I’ve been so busy teaching that a work-in-progress is less “in progress” and more “in hiatus until July”:

The fun part is seeing all the amazing stuff coming into the world. Here are some WIP’s I’m joyfully anticipating:

And here’s one that might be true of most manuscripts in the early stages of being:




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