Wednesday Muse! Haiku for the Gnomes

Gnome Haiku


Due to lack of gnomes,
the Museum of Gnomery
no longer serves tea.


Friend and fellow author Vanessa Barger has  started up a Wednesday Muse writing prompt exchange, and I’m happy to be taking part. Last week, she sent a handful of writers the above photo and ask us to write something. I told Vanessa my “somethings” would likely be haiku, as I’ve been interested in exploring compressed forms of late. (Plus, I’m nearing the close of my work-in-progress and so many, many words are spilling out there, that I wanted some white-space here.)

GnomeBookShelfI grew up gnome-crazy, and would pore over Wil Nuygen and Rien Poortvliet‘s illustrated book of GNOMES for what seemed like days on end. In fact, it still has an honored place on my shelf.  I think it’s quite possible that my love of tea has two sources: my mother and Nuygen and Poorvliet’s book of Gnomes.

At any rate, Vanessa’s photo made at first excited for the color and charm of the cottage, and then, as I looked closer, exceedingly sad that it was all contained within a rather sterile, zoo-like environment. I imagined the sun-glassed man and his plaid-shorted friend (you can just see the edge of him in the photo above) visiting a Museum of Gnomery, where the pretense of the gnome cottage exists without the gnomes or any of their life (or their tea, for that matter, which–as the pages below suggest–is pretty much synonymous with life).


Gnome remedies – many involving tea.


Gnome breakfast – mushrooms and any of a variety of teas.


Also gnome-worthy – nuts, beans and berries! Notice, too, the twin gnomes breastfeeding.


The cover of Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet

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One thought on “Wednesday Muse! Haiku for the Gnomes

  1. vee1331 says:

    So cute! 🙂 I love gnomes, and this is adorable.

    So sad they no longer serve tea. *runs out to round up some gnomes*

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